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Q1. Is my photo good enough quality?

A1. This is a question we get asked a lot in relation to our 3D photo crystals. Our production team are brilliant at what they do and there is only the odd occasion where a photo isn’t suitable for use.

Photo’s from mobile phones are fine and even black and white photos will work. e.g. a Grandparent’s marriage photo.

Please be aware that the further away the photograpgh is taken from the subject, the smaller the image will appear in the crystal.

We are always happy to help so if you are in any doubt at all please just email us before placing your order. The email address is

If you were to place an order and we thought there was a problem with it we would always contact you before processing.

Q2. How do i send you my picture?

A2. Digital photos can be uploaded at the end of the ordering process or you can email it to us at

If you have an original photo please scan it and send it to us using either method above. PDF’s are acceptable.

Q3. What size glass gifts do you have?

A3. All our sizes are outlined on each individual product description.

Q4. How much is it for a 3D photo crystal?

A4. Our prices for our 3D photo crystals depend on the size and the amount of people you want to include. All our prices can be viewed for each individual product on the website and there is a dropdown box to show you additional charges for extra people.

Q5. How long is delivery?

A5. Most of our gifts are dispatched within 3-4 working days. 

Q6. Do you ship outside the UK?

A6. Yes we do on selected products. Please email us for a quote.